My work has been in: The New York Times, The Guardian, Bon Appétit, McSweeney's, Slate, GQ, Food & Wine, VICE, and a bunch of other places. 

During the day: I'm an audience engagement editor, digital strategist, and staff writer at Harvard Magazine.

In the evening: I work on The Thirty-One Percent, where I conduct and publish unconventional interviews with female business-owners in Boston. The project aims to draw attention to one key statistic: only 31% of businesses in Boston are owned by women.

Other things about me: I'm committed to helping better represent marginalized voices in food and travel writing. Are you an editor looking for local voices to talk about Buenos Aires? Naples? Atlanta? Here's a spreadsheet I started.

Parting words: If you're interested in hearing my thoughts on truly horrible email marketing campaigns and the joys of '00s pop-punk music, follow me on Twitter.