I'm a writer, editor, and digital strategist. I drink at least two cups of tea every day and I subscribe to far too many newsletters.

I've written about everything from burgers to birth control for publications like GQ, VICE, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Racked, Bon Appétit, TASTE, and Slate.

During the day, I'm an audience engagement editor and staff writer at Harvard Magazine. In the evenings, I work on The Thirty-One Percent, where I conduct and publish unconventional interviews with female business-owners in Boston. The project aims to draw attention to one key statistic: only 31% of businesses in Boston are owned by women.

I'm also committed to helping represent marginalized voices in food and travel writing. Are you an editor looking for the strongest voices to talk about Buenos Aires? Naples? Atlanta? Here's a spreadsheet I started.

If you're interested in hearing my thoughts on truly horrible email marketing campaigns and early morning exercise classes, follow me on Twitter.