Harvard Magazine


Email Program

Goal: Grow the audience for Harvard Magazine's print and web content.

Approach: I design and write Harvard Magazine's weekly and monthly highlights emails, as well as the Harvard Squared regional section's emails. I A/B test to measure the success of each campaign and develop a set of best practices for each list.

Sample Projects: 

January 2018, Editor's Highlights Email

Subject line: Another Harvard Square Sale

Results: 33.8% open rate, 7.4% click-through rate


Weekly Email for 1/26/2018

Subject line: Potential Commuter Rail Station, Courtesy of Harvard?

Results: 29% open rate, 7% click-through rate


Social Media

Goal: Create and grow a unique voice for the Harvard Magazine brand on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

Approach: I developed a set of best practices (frequency, timing, length) for each social media channel. I also regularly engage with readers, other channels in the Harvard University ecosystem, and external channels that mesh with Harvard Magazine's brand such as JSTOR, Arts & Letters Daily, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Sample Projects: 

Harvard Magazine's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.


Digital Strategy

Goal: Determine and implement strategies in order to reach Harvard Magazine's goals in terms of traffic, audience engagement, and reader retention.

Approach: I lead a bi-monthly digital strategy meeting to talk about changes in the digital landscape (everything from algorithm changes to advertising). I developed a set of "viral" benchmarks for each of the magazine's sections in order to measure the kinds of content our audience responds to most. I also worked on the Harvard Squared regional section's rebranding process by developing a voice for its social channels and email program.

Sample Projects: Benchmarking analysis available upon request