Client: EastWest Institute


Brand Strategy

Goal: To drive more millennial readers to EastWest Institute's site.

Approach: EWI's NextGen platform had been largely neglected by the time I started my internship. I relaunched the site by testing several functionalities and designs and added copy to the EWI parent site to increase awareness for the NextGen brand.


Social Media

Goal: To create a unique voice for the NextGen brand.

Approach: After testing several messages on different social channels, I identified Twitter as the primary way for NextGen to engage with EWI's target millennial audience on social media. I wrote social copy for all NextGen articles, cultivated a following, and linked NextGen content back to the EWI site as often as possible to drive traffic.

Sample Projects: EWI Twitter channel


Blogging and Editing

Goal: Populate NextGen blog with clean copy that adheres to EWI's style guide and mission.

Approach: Implemented several outreach initiatives (social media, messaging forums, email lists) to convince writers from universities, think tanks, and NGOs to contribute posts to NextGen. I edited submissions and delegated pieces to other interns.