Goal: To establish Doorsteps,'s platform geared towards millennial renters, as a go-to resource when it comes to figuring out where to live, how to move there, and what to do in a new neighborhood.

Approach: As the sole writer for Doorsteps' Boston market, I regularly pitch ideas for new blog posts based on data on what is performing best from Boston and other markets. I identified a niche of food and beverage related posts (best places for cheap drinks, where to celebrate NYE, best coffeeshops), and work with the Doorsteps editorial team to edit, implement SEO best practices for, and promote my posts.

Sample Projects: 


Blog post on 7 best spots for cheap drinks in Boston (one of's 5 best performing articles)

Blog post on the best bookstores in Boston

Narrative blog post on choosing to live in Cambridge

Blog post on best coffee shops in Boston

Blog post on the 6 best music venues in Boston

Blog post on where to find the most creative cocktails in Boston