Brand Strategy

Goal: To inspire more women to start businesses in the Boston area.

Approach: Launch a site that showcases female business-owners in Boston in a new way. Traditional profiles tend to ask redundant, irrelevant, and gendered questions of female founders. I created two distinct pieces to feature on the site. The "9 to 5" is a walk-through of the founder's workday from morning to bedtime. The "Five-Year Plan" is a look back at what the founder was doing at age 20, 25, 30, and so on. These features illustrate what it takes to build and run a business in a way that a Q&A interview is unable to capture.

Project site:


Goal: To add a diverse range of business-owners to the project.

Approach: I research and run outreach for the interviews in The Thirty-One Percent. I also conduct each of the founder interviews on the site and ensure that the founder is able to get her story across in the way she intends to.


Joanne Chang, James Beard award-winning owner of Flour bakeries and Myers + Chang

Tiffani Faison, owner of Tiger Mama and Sweet Cheeks Q


Audience Engagement

Goal: Develop an audience and cultivate a following for The Thirty-One Percent

Approach: Instagram is a key driver of traffic for our content. I write social copy for the channel and engage with founders to ensure that they promote their features on their own channels. I also write email copy for our mailing list. In The Thirty-One Percent's first month, the site organically drew over 3,500 page views.

Sample Projects: The Thirty-One Percent on Instagram