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Selected Clips

 📍 Currently at Harvard Magazine. Complete list of clips can be found here, with select articles below.


(attempts at) Humor

"15 Things You Can Do On Your Flight From Istanbul to Boston, Because Trump took your Laptop" McSweeney's

"An Almost Hourly Guide to Surviving Inauguration Day" Man Repeller

"The Five People You Meet on Poshmark" Paste Magazine



"The Best Bars in Boston, a.k.a, the Least Douchey Bars in Boston" GQ

"Is Boston the Next Urban Farming Paradise?" The Guardian

"48 Hours in Boston: Where to Eat and Drink This Fall" Food & Wine

"Everything You Need to Know About a Full Turkish Breakfast" Food & Wine

"Restaurants Can Be Hell for People With Food Allergies" VICE (Tonic)

"At Bantam Cider, Ladies Rule" Take Magazine

"Vegan Ice Cream? Yes, Please." Take Magazine

"A Novice-Friendly, Rose-Infused Rice Pudding from Turkey" Food52

"What Might Be Next for Cafe Algiers?" Harvard Magazine


Essays and Opinion

"If Wonder Woman Can't Win, How Can The Rest of Us?" CNN

"So Now It's Finally Cool to Wear Thick Glasses?" Racked

"Unpopular Opinion: Here's Why the Thick Eyebrow Trend Bothers Me" Byrdie

"How to Let Go of Books With Sentimental Attachment" Real Simple

"The Refraction of Memories" Argot Magazine


Health and Beauty

"Three New Ways to Baby Block in the Age of Trump" VICE (Tonic)

"The Meditation App That Understands the Struggle" VICE (Tonic)

"This Subscription Box for POC Values Mental Health as Much as Beauty" Racked

"The Beauty Industry is Overlooking Middle Eastern Women" LUSH Cosmetics, Stories

"Glossier's Golden Ticket to Success in a Beauty Industry Filled with Gimmicks" Paste Magazine

"Cognitive Benefits of Healthy Buildings" Harvard Magazine (print & online, May - June 2017)

"Activism Fatigue & the Mental Aftermath of All of Those Marches" SheKnows

"Lunapads is the OG Alternative Menstrual Company" SheKnows



"Tegan and Sara Have Launched a New Foundation to Fight for LGBTQ Women" VICE (Noisey)

"How Can Colleges Help Muslim Students Feel Safer?" VICE (Tonic)

"How Fashion Brands Are Standing Up the Donald Trump Administration" Teen Vogue

"Recipes for Thriving Cities" Harvard Magazine (print & online, September - October 2017)

"How 'The Fancy Women on Bikes' Are Reclaiming Public Spaces in Turkey" The Establishment

"5 Female Middle Eastern Authors You Need to Read" Wear Your Voice Magazine



"Slow and Steady Wins the Pulitzer: An Interview with David Fahrenthold" Harvard Magazine

"How U.S Companies Stole American Jobs." Harvard Magazine (print & online, June - July 2017)

"High Stakes in Erdogan's Turkey" World Policy Journal

"Turkey's Future and the US Election" World Policy Journal

"What (and who) is next in Turkey?" World Policy Journal

"What Must Be Done in the Wake of Escalating Hate Crimes" The Establishment

"What We Can Learn from Middle Eastern Women About Fighting for Reproductive Care" SheKnows