I'm a journalist, copywriter, digital strategist, and tea enthusiast. This means that I spend a lot of de-caffeinated time crafting the best way to write, rewrite (again, again, again), and deliver messages. My work has appeared in several publications and media outlets such as VICE, GQ, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone. I've also worked with clients in the tech, media, and luxury goods spaces to build mission statements, blogs, email marketing programs, and social media voices. 

As co-founder of The Thirty-One Percent, I conduct and publish unconventional interviews with female business-owners in Boston. The project's goal? To amplify their voices and convince more women to open up shop in our city––only 31% of Boston's businesses are owned by women. 

When I'm not writing, I try to convince myself that I am truly enjoying spin class, discover new print magazines to support, and attempt to cure all that ails me with a ridiculously involved skincare routine.